Welcome to bajanfmradio my first online radio station. I say first since I hope to operate two others in the not too distant future.

Barbadians if you grew up on the island during the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s  you would remember Barbados Rediffusion and the wide variety of music they played daily.  These songs  and many more which bring back fond memories can now be heard on bajan fm radio 24 hours a day. Tune in and hear spouge,oldies, pop, calypsoes, ska, soul, reggae all of the golden era of Rediffusion.

BajanFmRadio went live on the 28th of November with a view to bring back all those songs we heard on Barbados Rediffusion. From Bye Bye Love to Oh Carol from My Dad to Good Bye Now My Bajan Girl just to list a few. Then there were those real voices of  the golden years voices of artist like the late Nancy Wilson, Richard Stoute , Bobby Darin, Petula Clark and Jackie Opel.  During the station’s probationary period of three months I have 1000 songs on file and this means you won’t hear the same song twice in a day. But just wait until we pass probation and add another 1000 (max 2000) songs.

It is my desire to introduce many of the programs, music, comedy and others  featured on Barbados Rediffusion during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s in three months time.

With regards to the other stations they will specialize as their names imply in specific genres of music. Bajan Oldies Radio and Bajan Jazz Radio.

As of the present I hope you can find a few moments to listen ….just google bajanfmradio. You can also visit www.bajanfmradio.com a site which is still under construction.