…and when you do pop into TYRONE’S ON THE BEACH located as the name implies on the beach at Salt Ash Apartments. Sit there with many well known locals like ‘Poskie’, Harford, and Tyrone, sip a drink of your choice and enjoy the ocean only 20 feet away .  At night one can enjoy the  lights of the jutting south coast of Barbados. You may run into your German, Austrian or Antiguian countryman there among the many British and American visitors.


Today May 1st I received the sad news of the impending closing of Tyrone’s On The Beach. Located as it’s name implies ‘on the beach behind the Salt Ash Apartments, this is the only remaining beach bar of its type anywhere along that southern coast of Barbados. This bar which has attracted visitors from all over the world through mostly word-of-mouth publicity will so be gone. An atmosphere where folks of all kind laughed, drank, joked and remained civil. A place where you could sit from sunrise to sunset and enjoy the ocean and if the time of the year was right see the young turtles hatch and make their way to the sea.Tyrone the easy going proprietor and a true gentleman opened in 2008 and steadily his place got to be known as the ‘bar’ to visit in St Lawrence Gap. As George Harrison said “All Things Must Pass” However sad it will be there is also another side. …planting an evergreen while trampling on a flower… I have looked on as Barbados has allowed all of its small, local and cultural attractions especially along the beaches to be swallowed up all in the name of progress. Somewhere along the way those with lots of $$$$ and no cents are taking over.Visitors from Spain, Norway, London, California or wherever leave these places to enjoy new and different places and cultures not to be reminded of home




…the Waterfront Cafe located in Bridgetown also provides a unique experience for visitors….sitting feet away from the waters edge one can enjoy lunch, dinner and live music from inside or outside of the ‘Cafe as the yachts go by… Operated by Ms. Susan Walcott a beautiful lady in every sense, it is an operation of much distinction where I spent many enjoyable hours.. Day or Night it is an experience you will never forget. Just google…waterfrontcafe-Barbados and read all about the enchanting place.